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France Blog

France Blog

  • 5 Exciting, Easy Day Trips from Paris

    Boulevards lined with impressive monuments, gorgeous buildings as far as the eyes can see, museums that are the best in the world, and quaint cafes and hole-in-the-wall restaurants at every turn—Paris is a beautiful and seductive hodge-podge of pretty much everything travellers seek to see and experience. From wand... Read More »

  • Boating in Aquitaine: What Awaits along Canal de Garonne

    Magnificent architecture, historic villages, vine-ribboned countryside and more await in Aquitaine, an expansive region known for its foie gras, truffles, oysters and of course, superb wines. Aquitaine used to be a kingdom and a duchy in the Middle Ages and such powerful history is inevitably mirrored in the region’s... Read More »

  • 7 Things to Do in Paris, No Matter the Weather

    Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the whole world. From age-old passages and jaw-dropping chateaux to modern structures such as the iconic Eiffel Tower, the capital of France weaves old and new together in an elegant, fantastical way that draws in crowds no matter the time of year. No... Read More »

  • Counting Castles: 10 Fairytale Châteaux of the Loire Valley

    No place is more saturated with breathtaking castles, sprawling estates, grand manor houses and vibrant colourful gardens than the fabled Loire Valley in France. Known as the Garden of France because of its many orchards, vineyards and asparagus fields, the Loire Valley is located right smack in the middle stretch of t... Read More »

  • Aye Aye, Captain! The Basics of Canal Boating in France

    Be your own captain and discover the wondrous heart of France aboard a self-drive boat. France is ribboned with great canals and navigable rivers that played a vital part in the rise and fall of cities and kingdoms, making any boating holiday an interesting and memorable experience highlighted by medieval towns, age-... Read More »

  • Wines & Sights: Explore Beautiful Burgundy!

    Pretty Paris might be hogging the spotlight for trips to France, but when it comes to food and wine, there’s no French region you’d rather be other than Burgundy. Burgundy’s UNESCO-listed vineyards produce the most sought-after wines on the planet and Dijon’s mustard is second to none. Be it in a busy city sq... Read More »

  • The History Behind The Most-Visited Monuments in Paris

    Art, fashion, culture and gastronomy all converge beautifully in the glittering capital of France. Pierced by the Seine River and crisscrossed by countless historic alleys, busy streets and wide boulevards lined by chic boutiques, lovely cafes and beautiful architecture, Paris is a labyrinthine happy place for everyo... Read More »

  • Beyond Eiffel: 8 Bucket List-Worthy Destinations Outside Paris

    Ah, France. No list of top destinations in the world is ever complete without that marvellous country steeped in history and heaped with medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. A trip to France often means Paris hogging the limelight with its classical art museums, fashion houses, countless cafe... Read More »

  • Somme: Remembering the Anzacs in France

    You would be hard-pressed to find an Australian or New Zealander who would not recognize Gallipoli and it’s significance. The 1915 Gallipoli Campaign of World War I, also known as the Battle of Gallipoli, the Dardanelles Campaign, or the Battle of Çanakkale, saw over 21,000 soldiers of the Allied forces lay down t... Read More »

  • Corsica Guide: The Essential

    Why would you visit Corsica? Corsica the Island of beauty sitting subtly in the Mediterranean Sea south of France and West of Tuscany is a mythic island steeped in histories connected with the Ancient Mountain and coastal lands. Considered to be the greenest and wettest island in the Mediterranean with an impres... Read More »

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